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July 22, 2021

How does weather affect knee pain

Knee Pain treatment in Edison, NJ


You may not know it, but there are reasons why your knee pain may change with the weather. However, you may be able to fight back against these painful changes with help from a Health Plus Physical Therapy team.

Our team at Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, Edison, New Jersey offers high-quality physical therapy services. One thing that we’re known for is our attention to our patients.

We always listen to your concerns and feedback on your therapy, and we use that information to help you set reachable therapy goals. We’ll also be here to offer you one-on-one support through every phase of your therapy process. Finally, our team is always ready to help educate about your condition and the treatments we use for it. For instance, we may be able to help you better understand why your knee pain may change with the weather.


Top reasons why your knee pain may change with the weather


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Our team knows that there are several reasons why your knee pain may change with the weather. However, two weather changes seem to affect our patient’s knee pain the most.

The first weather change that we’ve seen affect a patient’s level of knee discomfort is the decrease in barometric pressure. This measurement is the weight placed on us by the atmosphere around us.

Often, we see drops in barometric pressure before a storm. This decrease in pressure causes the air around you to push less against your body.

What we’ve noticed is that this lack of pushing also causes the tissues in your body to expand. The tissue expansion may, in turn, cause more irritation in your knee joint and lead to increased pain.

A second weather change that we’ve noticed affects our patients’ knees is decreased temperature. This decreased temperature may be causing you pain in several ways.

For one thing, we can tell you that inflammation caused by knee arthritis or injuries may lead to pain increases when it’s cold out. This is because inflammation may cause your knee nerves to become hypersensitive to cold, and our team often sees this hypersensitivity register as pain.

Another reason that lower temperatures may cause your knee pain is they lower your activity level. Health Plus PT team knows that one of the best ways to decrease knee discomfort is to move around regularly.

However, when it gets cold out, your inclination is to stay in your chair by the fire or in your bed. These long periods of inactivity may cause you to notice discomfort in your knee when you finally do get up. 

We hope we’ve helped you gain a clearer understanding of why your knee pain may change with the weather, but our team may also be able to help you in other ways. For instance, we may be able to develop a home therapy routine to help you manage your knee pain during weather changes.

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