January 29, 2020

How Physical Therapy in Edison can helpful during sciatica treatment?

Lower back pain is a normal part of life. You might have a sore back after a long day of physical activity or from sitting for too long. However, some types of back pain last for long periods and limit your range of motion. When your back is in this kind of pain, you may need to see a physical therapist for treatment.

Physical therapists can examine the condition of your back to determine what kind of treatment is best for you. There are many causes of back pain, but one of the most common ones we treat at Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is sciatica.


How do you know you have sciatica?


Sciatica is a type of back pain that stems from your lower back into the back of one of your legs. It is the result of pressure on the sciatic nerve, which is the nerve that runs from your spine into your legs. There are many causes of sciatica, including a sedentary lifestyle, slipped discs and blunt impact.

If you have lower back pain and are wondering if it’s sciatica, see if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Burning, stinging pain in the lower back and one of your legs

  • Pain that gets worse while sitting

  • Pain that flares up when rising from a seat

  • Weakness and numbness in the leg or foot

  • Treating sciatica with physical therapy

If you notice you have the symptoms of sciatica, you may want to visit a physical therapist for treatment. Physical therapists have many methods for treating sciatica pain without the use of drugs or surgical procedures.


Physical therapy treatments for sciatica vary depending on its severity, but they generally include:


Exercising and stretching: If the muscles in your lower back, core and legs are not strong or flexible, they may increase pressure on your lower back. Physical therapists can guide you through exercises and stretches to increase your strength and flexibility. This should reduce pressure off the lower back, which helps lower pain.

Electrical stimulation: A device can deliver small currents of electricity to the muscles in your lower back and core to help them contract and release. This helps release tension in the muscles and improve blood flow to them to help reduce pain and improve their condition.

Manual therapy: Manual therapy techniques involve the use of the physical therapist’s hands to mobilize the spine and joints. Manual therapy can be used to help reduce pain in the lower back and restore your range of motion.

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If you’re suffering from lower back pain that may be related to sciatica, don’t hesitate to get treatment. Our physical therapists at Health Plus PT are ready to help reduce your lower back pain. Contact our team today to learn more about treating sciatica or to schedule an initial appointment.

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