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July 3, 2020

McKenzie Method for back pain relief


There is no simple cure for back pain. The spine itself is such a complex part of our anatomy that there’s rarely one fix for the wide range of aches and pains that bring patients to our clinic.



Treatments that offer therapeutic pain relief are only part of the picture of a pain-free life. After relief from the pain of injury or accident has subsided, there are additional steps to restore and maintain a healthy spine.

In addition to the treatments we offer for acute and chronic back and neck pain, we offer our patients advice and instruction on using the McKenzie Method for controlling back pain and developing long-term spine health.


The McKenzie Method


In the 1960’s a New Zealand Physical Therapist named Robin McKenzie noted that extending the spine could provide significant pain relief to certain patients. He developed a series of maneuvers and exercises to help patients take a more active role in their continued health.

Watch him in action in the video below

The long-term goal of the McKenzie Method is to teach patients suffering from neck pain and/or back pain how to treat themselves and manage pain throughout their lives using exercise and other strategies. Other goals include:

  • Reduce pain quickly

  • Return to normal functioning in daily activities

  • Minimize the risk of recurring pain (avoid painful postures and movements)

  • Minimize the number of return visits to the spine specialist



The McKenzie Method is a philosophy of active patient involvement and education for back pain, neck pain and extremity issues. Its centerpiece is a data and research proven methodology backed by therapists worldwide.

In its truest sense, McKenzie is a comprehensive approach to the spine based on sound principles and fundamentals that when understood and followed accordingly are very successful.

The entire range of diagnostic and therapeutic routines offered by the McKenzie Method can be taught and facilitated by the specialists and resources available in our clinic. If you’d like to learn more about how these stretches and exercises can help you maintain a pain-free life, come in and see us!

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