February 27, 2018

Pre and Post Surgical Rehab – Physical Therapist


Usage of time prior to surgery is necessary to prepare your body for surgery and to facilitate to promote better post op recovery.  When muscles, bone and joints are in optimum condition before procedure, impacts of muscle weakness, joint stiffness is minimal post operative.  Benefit of pre surgical rehabilitation program is to regain function and to return to their daily activities faster.

Since area to be operated is inflamed and weak, pre operative exercise routine along with modalities to reduce inflammation. The pain will improve mobility and strength of the weaken area. Eventually minimize compensatory movement like uneven weight-bearing.


Tips For Pre-Operative Rehabilitation


Start 4-6 weeks prior to surgery.

Make sure pace of Physical Therapy should not aggravate any existing condition.

Your Physical Therapist should have proper communication with your surgeon to facilitate recovery even before the surgery and to design your goals and establish benchmark for recovery.

Your Physical Therapist will help you familiarize yourself with walking aides and other supportive devices like crutches, walker or cane and how to use them post operative.

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