September 3, 2020

A highly effective neuropathy program to treat damaged nerves


More than 20 million Americans suffer from a nervous system disorder called neuropathy, but sadly, many of the treatments available for it are not very effective.

That’s where we come in. At Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, Edison we proudly offer a cutting-edge treatment called MicroVas Therapy (MVT) that’s been found to lead to significant improvements for countless patients with neuropathy.


pain in ankle


What is Neuropathy?


Peripheral neuropathy, or simply neuropathy, is a chronic (long-lasting) condition that results from damage to or compression of nerves in areas of the body outside of the brain and spinal cord.

It can come about from a number of different causes, such as chemotherapy, alcoholism, autoimmune disorders, and infection, but by far the most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes.

Up to 50% of people with diabetes also have neuropathy.

These patients have more blood sugar throughout their bodies than non-diabetics. A buildup of blood sugar can injure the walls of tiny blood vessels called capillaries that nourish the nerves, especially those of the legs.

This interferes with the nerves’ abilities to communicate with the brain about pain and touch, and important information may not be sent to the brain properly.

Although many different problems can occur from diabetic neuropathy, the most common symptoms are tingling, pain, numbness, or weakness in the hands or feet. As a result, this makes it difficult for patients to perform many basic daily tasks.


pain in hand and palm


Not many treatments are available for neuropathy, and most of them are prescription medications, which may or may not be effective.

At HealthPlusPT, we offer a solid alternative: our neuropathy program combines patient-specific, hands-on physical therapy with MVT.

MVT is a cutting-edge, non-invasive physical treatment that’s been proven to be successful in treating patients with any type of neuropathy.


What is MVT?


The MVT is a device that uses electrode pads to deliver a series of electronic impulses that stimulate circulation in the capillaries. As a result, this extra blood flow increases the amount of healing oxygen to damaged nerves and muscles, which helps restore the abilities of nerves to communicate with the brain.

Studies have shown that more than 85% of MVT patients have experienced improved sensation and reduced pain, and half of these patients experienced a full recovery.

We couple MVT with specific exercises and additional therapy to address any other impairments or weaknesses and every program is tailor-made for each patient.

The therapy lasts for 12 weeks, but patients will start to see results after only two, and they can expect to notice drastic improvements in pain, sensation, and balance.

If you’re experiencing any type of neuropathy, Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in Edison, NJ can help. Call us: 732- 494-5999 for more information on neuropathy or to schedule an appointment.

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