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January 22, 2019

Back Pain Physiotherapy


What is Back Pain?

Back pain is by far the most common health problem affecting millions of people globally. It is also the most casually dealt health problem by people, as we casually disregard back pain as an unavoidable physical discomfort; we fail to realize that the very basic back pain can be a symptom for a potentially serious decease. People usually reach out for over the counter pain killers or pain relief sprays instead of seeking proper back pain treatment.


Back Pain


Depending upon the region of the back that is affected, back pain can be categorized into three different types – cervical or neck pain, thoracic or middle back pain and Lumbar/ Coccydynia (tailbone or sacral pain) or lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain – Lower back is also medically referred to as lumbar or Coccydynia (tailbone or sacral pain). It affects the lumbar region spine and surrounding areas like the buttocks, upper thigh and the groin areas. Lower back pain is also the most common type of back pain affecting people.

Middle Back Pain – It affects the area between the cervical and lumbar region. It is also medically referred to as thoracic pain and is a less common form of back pain.

Upper Back Pain – Upper back pain affects the cervical region i.e. the spine and neck. It causes stiffness and discomfort in the neck and shoulder area. Slouching, sleeping posture are some of the chief causes of cervical back pain.



Back pain is by far the most common debilitating health problem for people caused mainly due to incorrect posture and bad lifestyle. Back pain is common in older people. Women, especially pregnant women, are more prone to backaches than men.



Often ignorance of the severity of the problem and lack of proper back pain treatment aggravates the pain and resulting in a chronic problem.

So don’t further aggravate your back pain and seek treatment. You can simply get connect with us and get back pain treatment offered by Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.



There are numerous causes of back pain; nearly 98% of all back pains have no serious medical pathology, while a little less than 2% of all back pains are caused due to serious infections and metastatic cancer.

And a little less than 1% is caused due to epidural abscesses. There are innumerable causes of back pain, some of which are as follows;


Strained muscles and ligaments, muscle spasms, muscle tension and injuries related to falls are the root cause for a majority of back pain complaints. Back muscles are mostly strained due to heavy lifting, lifting stuff improperly and sudden awkward movements. But you have more control on this form of backaches than you believe. With the availability of back pain treatment at Health Plus Physical Therapy Center, Edison you needn’t have to live with the pain. We at Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center offer the best back pain physiotherapy treatment.

Back Structural Problems

Ruptured discs, bulging discs, abnormal curvature of the spine, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis and kidney infections or stones can also lead to excruciatingly painful backaches restricting one to bed. In this scenario a patient’s movement is massively affected and they are best advised to seek back pain treatment at Health Plus Physical Therapy Center, Edison so as to not to further aggravate the problem with travelling.

Movement and Posture

A majority of all back pains today are caused due to bad postures, sudden jerks, standing or sitting for long periods, driving for a long period without breaks. These are just some of the few examples of movement and posture related back pains. Physiotherapy for back pain can be safely said to be the best form of treatment for this type of back pain.


Back pain is a pretty common phenomenon both during and post pregnancy owing to hormonal changes, weight gain and epidural injections. Since seeking medications during pregnancy for such a pain is not advisable, physiotherapy for back pain can be said to be the safest bet to get rid of back aches in these times.

Obesity or Overweight

Obesity is another leading factor of back pain. A lot many of us are more or less overweight and this excess weight puts a lot of strain on our body leading to all sort of body pain. To counter this, it is best recommended to indulge in healthy eating and some form of exercise to lose the extra weight and for the back pain you can seek back pain therapy or physiotherapy for back pain.

Medical Condition

We do not realize something as basic as a back pain can be a symptom of various diseases like Cauda Equina Syndrome, Cancer of the Spine, Infection of the Spine, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Kidney infections, Sleep Disorders and Shingles among others. When your back pain does not subside in a few days, it is highly recommended to seek medical attention to get to the root cause of the pain and thereby seek proper medication and back pain therapy as recommended by the doctor.



How to Prevent Back Pain

Some of the steps we can undertake to lower the risk of back pain are as follows;

• Make exercise a part of your daily routine; even a 15-minute exercise will go a long way in strengthening the back muscles and adding flexibility. However, don’t practice exercises that include heavy lifting without due supervision.

• Indulge in a healthy diet that includes enough calcium and Vitamin D, for good bone health. A proper diet will also help in losing extra body weight.

• Mind your posture while sitting and standing. Don’t slouch and don’t sit or stand for long hours at a stretch.

• Be careful while heavy lifting. Always bend your knees when lifting anything.

• Do not lift heavy objects and twist at the same time.

• Also wear proper footwear; ladies who wear high heels for long period of time are more susceptible to back aches.

• Don’t drive continuously for long hours; take proper breaks to stretch yourself.

• Invest in a good mattress that provides proper support to your body.


Treatment for Back Pain

Depending on the cause and severity of the back pain, people are usually advised basic back pain solutions like over-the-counter pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, physiotherapy for back pain, the use of heat or ice packs and if need be injections.

If the back pain persists even after the use of varied back pain solutions, it is highly advised that the patient seeks medical attention to reduce further complications.

In few cases surgical approach is required to get rid of back pain, like in the case of herniated discs, spinal stenosis, bone spurs and pinched nerves among others. However, even after undergoing surgery, patients are expected to undergo some physiotherapy for back pain to help the patient gain full strength in their affected region.

We offer the best treatment for back pain. We understand your pain and to bring you fast comfort, our well-trained physiotherapists’ offer customized back pain treatment plan after fully assessing your problem. And with proper medical advice and physiotherapy, we help you fully recover from the nagging back pain.

So don’t suffer anymore, get in touch with us for the best treatment for back pain.

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