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August 23, 2021

How Physical Therapy can Help after Hip replacement Surgery.


Total hip replacements are extremely common in the U.S. More than two million Americans are living with a hip replacement, which likely includes people in Edison, New Jersey.

If you are considering a hip replacement, you should know that there are certain exercises that can help reduce your recovery time. Here are two exercises a physical therapist might recommend after your hip replacement surgery: 

  1. Supported knee bends

Most medical professionals will tell you the sooner you can start moving after a hip replacement surgery, the better. However, you shouldn’t try to do difficult exercises too soon after such a procedure. Supported knee bends are an example of an exercise that may be more gentle on your hips after surgery. 

This exercise is great for people who have recently had surgery because it’s done while lying down on a bed. To get into the starting position for supported knee bends, you’ll want to place the foot of your recovering leg flat on the bed. This should leave your knee slightly bent. 

From this starting position, you will slowly pull your foot toward your buttocks until your knee is bent as much as you can bend it. Then, you’ll want to hold your knee in the bent position for five to 10 seconds, and you can then slide your foot back to the starting position. Your goal should be to complete 10 repetitions of this exercise three or four times per day.

2. Standing hip abduction

As your hip begins to heal, you’ll be encouraged to move out of your bed and do more dynamic exercises. One such exercise that your therapist might recommend is the standing hip abduction. 

Begin the standing hip abduction exercise by standing behind a stable chair or countertop with your hands resting on the back of it. You’ll want to make sure you are standing with good posture and that your knee and foot are both facing forward. 

Once you’re in the starting position, you’ll slowly lift your recovering leg out to the side. You should try to keep your knee as straight as possible during this movement. After lifting your leg as high as you can, slowly lower it back to the starting position. You should aim to continue repeating these steps until you’ve done 10 repetitions of this exercise. Try to do three or four sets throughout the day. 


Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in Edison, New Jersey offers post-hip replacement rehab options


Recovering from a hip replacement can be much easier with help from a great physical therapy team. You’ll find such a team at Health PlusPT. Our team offers pre-surgical rehab that can help you strengthen your body before your hip replacement and post-surgical rehab to help you recover afterward. These treatments often include the use of techniques, such as: 

Don’t wait to start getting help with your rehab after a hip replacement. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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