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Health Plus Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapy center located at 2114 Oak Tree Rd, Edison, NJ 08820

At Health Plus, we provide tailored therapy services to address various conditions and injuries. Our goal is to help you regain mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance your well-being. With advanced techniques and compassionate care, we’re here to support your journey to recovery.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

At Health Plus Physical Therapy Center, our goal during your post-surgical rehabilitation is to restore you to your previous level of physical function as swiftly as possible. We provide post-operative care at the highest therapeutic level, prioritizing patient protection and preservation of function. Our approach incorporates the latest proven treatments and techniques to enhance strength, flexibility, and mobility. Your dedicated physical therapist ensures the fastest recovery without compromising the surgical repair. We maintain regular communication with your surgeon to ensure optimal outcomes. Our highly skilled and experienced therapists conduct one-on-one treatment sessions, closely monitoring your progress and adjusting the treatment plan according to your response and physician’s recommendations.

Spinal Rehabilitation Treatment

Once your post-surgical rehabilitation is complete, we continue to support you on your recovery journey. Your therapist will provide you with a Health Plus Maintenance Package, a customized toolkit designed to help you maintain the benefits of physical therapy at home. This package includes essential exercises, useful tips, and nutrition information. With Health Plus, patients can trust that they have a committed partner guiding them through their personal road to recovery.

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