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February 20, 2019

Snow Shoveling Tips


How to avoid an injury during snow shoveling:


Health Plus PT, Edison, New Jersey.



We would like to remind you of the importance of shoveling snow properly to avoid injuries, especially low back pain.

Using incorrect body mechanics when shoveling can put undue stress on the lower back and lead to painful muscle strains. 

The most common injury experienced due to shoveling is Lower back pain.

In some extreme cases its lead to herniated disc, but fortunately, most of these cases can be prevent if timely precautions has been taken.

This winter, make sure you are shoveling safely and properly, so you can actually enjoy the snow. For a pain-free shoveling experience, follow these tips below:

• Pick a shovel that’s best for your size and remember a smaller blade will mean a smaller load of snow and less strain on your back

• Do not move snow twice; instead, carefully plan your moves ahead of time

• Try to move snow the shortest distance possible at all times

• Don’t shovel immediately after eating or while smoking, which can lead to cramps or shortness of breath

• Clear off the snow on cars first so you don’t shovel the same area twice



• Your area is supposed to be getting sufficient snowfall, try to get a head start and shovel over a few small sessions instead of all at once

• If possible, team up with neighbors or family members to expedite the job

• For those who are physically incapable of shoveling, consider investing in a snow blower or snow thrower to take care of the removal process

• Do you experience any pain while shoveling, in the back or elsewhere in the body? Stop immediately

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