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October 13, 2020

Physical Therapy for Pregnancy Pain


Pregnancy can put a lot of physical strain on the body, often resulting in some pain and discomfort that you are probably not used to.

Whether you’re experiencing back pain, leg pain, foot pain, abdominal muscle pain, sciatic nerve pain, pelvic pain, or any combination of these or others, physical therapy can help relieve it. 


Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women


How Physical Therapy (PT) Benefits During Pregnancy


Pain Relief


The most obvious benefit to physical therapy during pregnancy is the relief of pain that comes from working and strengthening the muscles.

Increased muscular strength can reduce pressure on the joints as well, which in turn relieves the pain there


Avoid Using Pain Medication


The effects of pain-relieving drugs on pregnant mothers and the fetus are largely unknown. Certain pain relievers have been deemed safe while others are not.

However, it’s hard to be sure if it’s truly safe to take any kind of medication while pregnant. Physical therapy is an all-natural means of pain relief.


Easier Delivery


Strengthening muscles through physical therapy has been shown to make delivery easier and labor shorter.

Women have reported that their labor pain seemed to be more manageable and that they had more energy and strength to push during delivery.


Faster Recovery After Delivery


Women who do physical therapy during pregnancy have a tendency to recover faster than women who do not.

There is less pain following delivery and women are able to be up and moving around much sooner.


What is the Most Common Type of Pregnancy Pain?



More pregnant women have experienced back pain than any other type. It is the number one complaint and can be severe enough that many women seek out physical therapy to alleviate it.

The back and spine are the center of your whole body’s nervous system, which means that the root of any other pain you are experiencing is likely your back.


What Causes Back Pain During Pregnancy?


There are a variety of causes, from hormones to weight gain. The increase in hormones affects all of the joints and muscles, often loosening joints as part of the body’s natural preparation for delivery.

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, but gaining too much weight puts extra strain on the back.

Weight gain also changes your body’s center of gravity, which may cause you to change your posture and the way you move.

Another factor is the stress that may come from expecting. Also, the average age of women having babies has risen steadily.

Many expectant mothers are in their mid to late 30’s when they become pregnant and give birth, which makes the chances of experiencing back pain even greater.


What is Physical Therapy and How Can it Help during Pregnancy and post-pregnancy?


Exercise During Pregnancy


Physical Therapy exists to help relieve pain and restore functional movement in patients.

You may think of physical therapy as a post-surgery treatment, but that is only one application.

Athletes use physical therapy to relieve pain from an injury and to regain movement and strength.

Athletes may even use physical therapy as a training mechanism to prepare for an intense activity.

Pregnancy can be viewed in the same way, as a strenuous physical challenge to prepare for.

Preparation can make a big difference in how your labor and delivery will go.

Physical therapy exercises will help to relieve your pain during pregnancy, as well as prepare your body to go through the intensity of labor.


Choosing a Physical Therapy Program


Physical Therapy Program for  Pregnancy


If you are experiencing pain during your pregnancy, seek out a physical therapy program that is designed for pregnant women.

Look for a physical therapist who not only helps patients with recovery, but who works with patients of all kinds who require different types of treatment programs.

Physical therapy for pregnancy should be specially designed to alleviate the pains associated with pregnancy, as well as the specific pains you are experiencing.

Pregnancy PT is not too strenuous, protecting the mother and fetus.

Always make sure your physical therapist knows you are pregnant before you enter into any sort of treatment.


Exercises You Can Do at Home


Part of your physical therapy treatment will include exercises you can do on your own at home in between your PT appointments.

Your therapist will teach you some movements and stretches you can practice at home to help relieve pain whenever you experience it.

You can perform these exercises daily and even multiple times a day, depending on your PT’s instructions. The benefits of exercising at home include:

  • The greater success of treatment

  • Get immediate pain relief without having to make an appointment with your physical therapist

  • Increase strength much faster and experience less pain overall

  • Experience smoother labor, delivery, and recovery

Your physical therapist will stress the importance of at-home exercise as a part of your program.


Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center Customized Programs for Pregnancy Pain Relief


If you’re looking for a physical therapist who specializes in pregnancy pain relief programs, Health Plus PT is a top provider in Edison, NJ and the surrounding area.

You’ll find a highly educated and experienced staff with a variety of backgrounds in physical therapy and related treatments.

Don’t let the aches and pains of pregnancy steal the joy of this amazing experience in your life.

Call Health Plus PT today: (732) 494-5999 or request a consult.

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