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April 30, 2021

physiotherapy benefits for sciatica treatment


Do you having a burning pain that starts in your lower back and runs through your buttock?

Do you feel tingling or numbness in the back of one leg?

People who said yes to these questions likely have a lower back issue called sciatica.

There are two sciatic nerves in your body, and sciatica occurs when one of these nerves is pinched or irritated. The unfortunate reality is that many people could end up experiencing this lower back condition — medical researchers report that up to 40% of people will develop sciatica in their lifetime. Physical therapists can offer effective treatment for sciatica. This treatment can offer several significant benefits.


Physical therapy for sciatica can offer these benefits


There are many underlying issues that can cause you to develop sciatica. Physical therapists can help you find the source of your sciatica. In addition, they can build you a treatment plan that’s unique to you. Such personalized therapy plans can offer important benefits like:


Reducing pain


Sciatica pain is often described as having a burning or shocking quality to it. It can also radiate from the lower back, through the buttocks, and down the back of the leg. Working with a physical therapist can help decrease sciatica pain. One medical study reveals that manual therapy helped reduce local pain by 22% and radiating pain by 35%


Improving function


Your ability to move and bend is often compromised by sciatica. People with this condition often have difficulty doing common tasks like walking or loading the dishwasher.

A type of manual therapy called myofascial release can help improve function in sciatica patients. A study of this technique shows that it helped relief by more than 35% in just four weeks


Providing education


Knowing as much as possible about your sciatica is vital to treating it effectively. That’s why your physical therapist will work to educate you on this condition. They may also teach you how to improve your posture. In turn, this can reduce your symptoms and prevent them from coming back. Your therapist can also teach you exercises that can be used as tools for symptom reduction and prevention.


Discover beneficial physical therapy for sciatica from Health Plus PT


It’s possible for you to find beneficial physical therapy for your sciatica, and Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, Edison NJ has a team that can help you find exactly this type of care.

Our PT start by doing a free screening of your back that can pinpoint the root cause of your sciatica. Then, our specialists will do a one-on-one personalized physical therapy plan for you that’s designed to provide all the benefits discussed above.

We can even offer you in-home care thanks to our virtual therapy and at-home care services, and you don’t need a doctor’s referral to start working with us.

Contact Health Plus PT team today for more information about our sciatica treatment options or to schedule your initial appointment.

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