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September 24, 2020

Simple Tips to Stay active All-day


Whether you work at home or in an office, it’s important to move often. Here are some simple ways to stay active throughout the day

Burning calories and losing weight doesn’t require an expensive gym membership. Just try some of these simple everyday activities to keep moving, and watch the pounds melt away.


Exercise at your desk


exercise at office desk


Health Plus Physiotherapist suggests several lower body exercises you can do while sitting to stay active. “Push up on your toes and rock back on your heels – this pumps blood from the feet up to the heart,”.

“Don’t cross your legs while sitting because that cuts off circulation. Butt-cheek exercises – putting pressure on one cheek and then the other – are also good.”

Or come up with your own way of exercising your lower body while sitting.


Use your lunch break


Yoga and exercise


Walk, job, or cycle during your lunch hour.

If you’re worried about getting too sweaty, see if there’s a restorative yoga class near your office. You’ll get in a much-needed stretching session without having to shower afterward.


Stand Up at Work


Standing at work


Work is a place where many of us are sedentary for hours, and the result is a lost opportunity to burn hundreds (if not thousands) of calories every day.

A stand-up desk could help change that. “Standing obviously puts more stress on the body than sitting, thus it will burn more calories,”

If you stand for an entire workday, it can help increase leg strength and endurance. A little change like standing instead of sitting can go a long way.

If your workplace isn’t a stand-up kind of environment, take a five-minute break at least once an hour to engage in some activity.

Experts estimate that standing burn 50 percent more calories than sitting, so a 155-pound person could burn an extra 50 calories an hour just by getting on their feet.


Hydrate yourself often


hydrate with water


Make regular trips to the water fountain. Not only will you stay hydrated (offices can be dry and stuffy, especially in winter) but you’ll also force yourself to take frequent washroom breaks. When you do have to visit the washroom, use washrooms on different floors to add a few extra steps.


Schedule reminders


stand up talking on phone


Leave written reminders or use the alarm on your smartphone as a cue to get up every 20 minutes. Or, use a real-time cue, such as standing up whenever the phone rings and for the duration of any phone meetings.


Visit colleagues


visit colleagues at office


Get up and visit your colleagues face-to-face instead of calling them or sending an email.


Have walking meetings


walking meeting


Research suggests that you walk laps with colleagues instead of kicking back and relaxing around a conference table.


Take the stairs


Take Stair


This is a simple tip but we could all use the reminder. Whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.


Attend physical therapy


Attending physical therapy sessions is yet another simple way to stay active. The most obvious way physical therapy helps is by addressing the aches and pains that keep you from pursuing your active lifestyle. 

Many physical therapy sessions are a workout in themselves; they can even help you meet your weekly cardio and/or endurance goals.

A physical therapist is a great resource for giving you tips on tweaking your daily habits.

These specialists can go over what a normal day looks like for you and offer advice on how to make it a more active one.

If chronic pain is an issue, your physical therapist can show you specific moves that streamline your physical challenges.

Find physical therapy that helps you stay active at Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, Edison, NJ

Want to find simple and effective therapy techniques to help you stay active? You’ll find them at Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center.

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