June 22, 2019

Physical Therapy: Baseball Injuries & Prevention


When we think about baseball and sports injuries, baseball may seem to pale in comparison with other more aggressive contact sports like football, ice hockey, rugby or basketball. But, as with any other sports, it has its own set of injuries associated with the sport, all of which should be taken seriously.

Baseball has the most repetitive set of movements, perhaps even more so than any other team sport. Think about it. Pitchers go up to the mound, wind up rotating the upper torso, shoulders and arms as they create force and thrust with the same leg. Over and over and over.

Same thing for other positions. The batters, the catchers, the catcher squatting behind home plate. They each perform a highly-stylized set of movements which can eventually lead to injury.

Knee injuries are common in all sports, particularly baseball where pitchers are using their entire bodies to hurl the ball and the offense often slides into the plate to ensure they make it before the ball does.


Some of the most common injuries to baseball players include:


  • Shoulder and rotator cuff, which can include shoulder separation, bursitis, tendonitis and muscle impingement;

  • Tennis elbow, inflammation and ligament tears;

  • Wrist and hand injuries, including sprains, strains, tendonitis, finger fractures;

  • Knee injuries, including ACL injuries and tears and sprains of the ligaments.

Here at Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, we see numerous patients before and after surgery to repair their ACL or from other knee injuries. Physical therapy is an integral part of preparing for a healthy sports season or surgery, and recovering from surgery.

Pre-surgery physical therapy, or as we like to call it prehabilitation, prepares your body and mind for an upcoming surgery. By undergoing prehabilitation, patients will recover quicker and with less pain than those who don’t do any kind of pre-surgery therapy.

In post-surgery, we work closely with surgeons to customize a physical therapy plan for each patient, as each surgery is different from the next. We want to make sure patients return to their sport as soon as possible.

In addition to ACL tears and sprains, knee bursitis and meniscal tears are also common baseball injuries. Fortunately, there are a few measures baseball players can take to prevent these injuries such as:


Injury Prevention for Baseball Players


There are three important techniques for injury prevention for baseball players :

  1. Develop a proactive workout routine that addresses potential injuries before they happen;

  2. Develop good technique to prevent unnecessary chronic injury;

  3. Stretch, cool down and take advantage of sports and massage therapy.

When you’re working out, more isn’t necessarily better. Dynamic mobility exercises should be an integral part of your workout routine because they promote increased blood flow and include movement that incorporates stretching and resistance simultaneously, allowing the muscles to progress through a full range of motion.

Work with your coach or trainer to develop proper throwing and batting techniques. Just as with tennis, golf or any other sport that involves a continuous, repetitive motion, if you are performing the motion incorrectly, it will eventually result in joint issues such as tendonitis and injury to the muscle

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