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November 16, 2018

Physical Therapy Can Help with Heart Health


Heart Health and Physical Therapy Edison, New Jersey


At Health Plus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we understand the vital role physical activity plays in ensuring heart health.

According the American Heart Association, just 30 minutes of physical activity for five days per week can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease. Physical activity includes any activity that gets your heart rate going and burns calories.

  • Many people are nervous about walking into a new gym and starting a new workout routine. Physical therapy can offer a place where you can feel comfortable about going at your own pace and learning some new exercises.

  • Taking the stairs rather than waiting around for the elevator, you may get into the office that much earlier and burn some of those extra calories.

  • Take the time to get in some extra activity, you’re doing your heart a world of good.

  • Eating healthier can help your heart by reducing the amount of bad-for-you fats consumed and keeping your weight down to help your exercise routine.

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