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November 30, 2022

Physical therapy for ankle pain in Edison, NJ

There it is — that old, familiar twinge in your ankle. Often, it is a pain that you have learned to live with over the course of many years. Other times, the ankle pain is utterly debilitating, causing you to miss out on daily activities. 

Are you wondering if you have to just live with the pain? The answer is no. Learn how you can find relief with physical therapy for ankle pain in Edison, New Jersey. 

What causes ankle pain?

Nearly 12% of people experience heel and ankle pain at some point in their lives. Your heels and ankles, literally, support you. So, it makes sense that you may experience discomfort at some point in your life. There are many conditions that can cause ankle pain, including:

  • Achilles tendinitis.

  • Peroneal tendinitis.

  • Heel bursitis.

These are just some of the conditions associated with heel and ankle pain. Through careful evaluation, you may find that you have flat feet, which may cause discomfort as well. Our physical therapists may also diagnose you with a different condition. Regardless of your diagnosis, you may find that physical therapy for ankle pain in Edison is just what you need to help you find relief. 

Physical therapy for ankle pain in Edison

The first step in helping you find relief from your ankle pain is understanding the source of your discomfort. At Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in Edison, we can help you with physical therapy for ankle pain. Our physical therapists are equipped to utilize therapy methods such as: 

1. EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology)

2. Sports rehab to help you heal from those sports-related injuries and get you back in the game. 

3. The Graston Technique®to help break down and release scar tissue and increase your range of motion.

4. Active Release Techniques® (ART), which is a hands-on therapy.

Your physical therapist will work with you directly to develop a treatment plan specifically designed for your body to help you get back on your feet. Don’t wait any longer to seek physical therapy for ankle pain in Edison. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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