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August 4, 2022

How Important to do Physical Therapy After Rotator Cuff Surgery: Rehab Guide


Practice makes perfect. Well, the same thought process goes for healing after a major surgery — especially if you recently had rotator cuff surgery. Many people think that you’re not supposed to move at all after a surgical procedure. But once your physician has told you it’s safe for you to move, you’ll find that the correct movements can improve how you feel. Performing some physical therapy exercises after your rotator cuff tear surgery can help improve your mobility and help you heal faster. 

Perhaps you’ve tried to complete the exercises that your physical therapist gave you for after your rotator cuff tear surgery, but stopped because of discomfort. Or maybe you haven’t started yet because you’re afraid of potential pain. That’s completely understandable. Here are some reasons to help motivate you to complete your physical therapy exercises after your rotator cuff tear surgery: 


Physiotherapy in Edison, NJ


On the road to recovery


Physical therapy is the next step on your journey to finding relief from your pain or discomfort. While your physical therapy appointments are an essential component to your healing, performing the at-home exercises is also vitally important. In fact, some physical therapists would argue that performing your exercises at home after your rotator cuff tear surgery is one of the best things you can do for your recovery. Consistency is the key to success. 


Improving flexibility


The physical therapy exercises given to you to complete at home are essential in helping you improve your flexibility and range of motion. If you don’t consistently perform your at-home exercises, your range of motion may be limited and it may take longer for you to heal.


Increasing strength


After you’ve had rotator cuff tear surgery, you need to rebuild your strength with physical therapy exercises. Make sure you work with your physical therapist to discuss your goals and the best exercises to help you heal and build your shoulder and arm strength back up. 

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