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September 2, 2021

Most common sports injuries you may experience


While playing sports can be fun, exciting and, challenging, it can also be painful. Some of the most common sports injuries happen to the average athlete at least once in their career, and there’s nothing fun about being sidelined waiting for your injury to heal.

Everything from a broken bone to a muscle strain can keep you from playing the game you love for as long as a few days to multiple months. Some injuries occur spontaneously, but others are a result of the impact of sports over time. Here are some of the most common sports injuries.


sports injuries


Ankle Sprain


Thanks to the ankle constantly being in use, no matter what you are doing, an ankle sprain is one of the most common sports injuries.

It can be extremely painful and cause swelling and bruising that can sideline you for weeks or even months.

There are high ankle sprains and low ankle sprains, and they often happen when a person’s foot rolls awkwardly and unnaturally.

Working with a physical therapist can help heal the ankle properly and as fast as possible to help you get back on that field feeling 100%.


ACL Tear


While being one of the most common sports injuries, an ACL tear can keep an athlete from playing for as long as a year depending on the severity.

It also requires surgery if the tear is deemed significant enough to the point where it won’t heal on its own.


Hamstring strain


Ever pulled a hamstring? Not fun, right? Your hamstring is the muscle that runs behind your thigh, from your knee to your gluteus, and it can be extremely painful to injure.

The recovery time can be long, but you can bounce back from it without a problem as long as you treat it properly.

Stretching, application of heat and ice, as well as rest, are some of the ways to treat a hamstring strain.

The most common sports injuries are strains and sprains, and they can range from slight to severe. Each one has its own recovery time based on the athlete who is impacted.

The difference between the two is that sprains impact ligaments, while strains injure muscles and tendons, which secure muscles to the bones.

To avoid straining, or pulling, a muscle, you must take the time to stretch your entire body before and after physical activity. This is why warming up is so key.

Giving your muscles and tendons a chance to get loose and warm before you go full-out can keep them from experiencing too much stress and getting injured.

Remember, the more blood flow you have to the muscles, the more they’re able to stretch, and the more you’re able to rely on them.

To help work through the most common sports injuries, contact Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center today to schedule an initial appointment.

We will work with you and your injury to develop a recovery plan targeted at your specific needs.

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