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October 1, 2018

Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment


Have you a Lower back pain?


Lower Back Pain is common concern around 85% of adult will have suffer at their lifetime may be more than one time. It can make it difficult to do the things you enjoy.

Lower Back Pain could be caused by muscle strains, sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, arthritis or injury. The pain itself usually originates from the nerves, muscles, bones or joints in the spine.

While some causes of lower back pain can’t be prevented, there are several ways to protect your lower back as much as possible.


How to protect your lower back


Daily route Exercise / Activity: 

  • Strengthening your muscles can help lower back support and prevent a painful injury.

  • Everyday walking can help increase blood flow to the spine.

Correct posture:

  • When your posture is not correct, it can put pressure on your back, making back even more painful.

  • Use an ergonomic chair if you have to sit for longer periods of time, and periodically check or correct your posture.

Learn the right way to lift:  

  • When lift heavy object make sure you lift it in right way, else the wrong way can seriously injure your lower back.

  • Bend at the knees, not at the waist, keep your chest forward, lead with the hips and keep the weight close to your body to avoid hurting your lower back.

Healthy lifestyle:

  • One’s overall health can be reflected by their spinal health.

  • Make sure to drink a lot of water, get enough sleep, healthy diet, reduce alcohol intake, and avoid or quit smoking, if you can do.

Stretching Exercise:  

  • Tight hamstrings can cause lower back pain, and some simple stretching exercise can decrease pressure on your pelvis, providing relief for your lower back pain.

  • Make sure to talk with your physical therapist or doctor to learn the stretches that can most benefit your specific type of lower back pain.


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