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Health Plus Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapy center located at 2114 Oak Tree Rd, Edison, NJ 08820

At Health Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center in Edison, NJ, we provide tailored therapy services to address various conditions and injuries. Our goal is to help you regain mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance your well-being. With advanced techniques and compassionate care, we’re here to support your journey to recovery.

How it Works:

Shockwave therapy employs acoustic waves with high energy peaks to interact with tissues, triggering a cascade of biological responses that promote healing and pain relief. These acoustic waves penetrate deep into the affected area, stimulating cellular repair mechanisms and promoting the growth of new blood vessels. Additionally, shockwave therapy disrupts chronic inflammation, stimulates collagen production, breaks down calcifications, and disperses pain mediators, such as Substance P. By targeting these underlying mechanisms, shockwave therapy effectively addresses musculoskeletal conditions, providing patients with fast pain relief and improved mobility.
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Conditions Treated:

Chronic Tendinopathy


Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome


  • Quickly reduces pain
  • Non-invasive with no medication needed
  • Avoids surgery and anesthesia
  • No side effects or risk of allergies
  • Accelerates healing for chronic conditions

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