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Health Plus Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapy center located at 2114 Oak Tree Rd, Edison, NJ 08820

At Health Plus, we provide tailored therapy services to address various conditions and injuries. Our goal is to help you regain mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance your well-being. With advanced techniques and compassionate care, we’re here to support your journey to recovery.

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

People undergoing Spinal Rehabilitation are less likely to miss out on everyday activities due to back pain. Back pain doesn’t have to disrupt your daily life. In fact, individuals who seek treatment from a physical therapist for their back pain experience significant improvements.

After a detailed discussion and initial examination, your Health Plus physical therapist will identify the factors contributing to your specific back problem and design a personalized recovery plan.

Spinal Rehabilitation Treatment

Our Spinal Rehabilitation Treatment Therapists aim to help you reduce or control pain and return to normal activity. This treatment strategy may include:

  • Manual Therapy: Including spinal manipulation to enhance joint and soft tissue mobility.
  • Pilates Method Therapeutic Exercise: Featuring the state-of-the-art Allegro Reformer.
  • Strengthening and Flexibility Exercises
  • Education: About better back care practices.
  • Training: In proper lifting, bending, sitting, and performing tasks at work and home, as well as in adopting correct sleeping positions.
  • Assistance: In developing a safe and effective physical activity program to enhance overall health.

Health Plus Physical Therapy Center can help you maintain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle and, in many cases, avoid surgery and the side effects of prescription medication. Our physical therapists possess specialized education and expertise to address a wide range of back pain-related conditions.

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